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Bygone Dreams: Episode Three
Download / Скачать (15.0 Kb) 23.07.2014, 11:09

This episode begins when the protagonist awakes in a tower at the west pick of Mt. Hermon. He then finds out that the tower is from a company named "Morpheus" Corporation, and it is a "Hyperdream Engine" outpost. After a long struggle, the protagonist somehow manages to enter the floating city of Aerilon, with its "Aeternal Sword" worshipers. Upon finding a boat, he then travels to the roller coaster-like facility called the Aerilon Waterworks. At the end of episode, the protagonist seems to now realize profound insights about his dreams.

The third episode of Bygone Dreams is a custom map continuing the two previous episodes. It features two new mechanics; the shadow-chests which are chests hidden behind 3-5 blocks from the surface hiding in the shadows and needed a light-with-switch to be activated; And the boat-parkour system which is a style of parkour played only on water surfaces and needed a boat. The rest of the new features are; the new designs of parkour; secret shortcuts using the portal-system; a city with tradable inhabitants; etc.

The map now also circulates on six whole maps, different from the three half-maps of episode one and four half-maps of episode two, with the aid of the Metanoia Pack v.2. The explorable maps are; the west summit of Mt. Hermon; the Lower Aeternal Isles called Achamoth & its Aeternal City of Aerilon; the two-map Aerilon Waterworks; the Aeternal Twilight; and the Aerilon Waterworks Monument, which where the episode ends.

PS: Like the previous episodes, I made this map for nearly one straight week. I hope you enjoy my work. As this is the third, Im very excited to the last episode(s) of the series, and its possible ending. I would also mention that after I finished this series, I would upload a compilation and the story's plot summary. Please enjoy, and stay tuned!

WARNING: Please sleep first before exploring & playing the episode, because if you dont, and you die just in case, you will spawn at "level 255" & the map will be corrupted. I noticed this when I made my own alpha & beta testing, so I have to edit it again for the last time, and finally deciding to save the game at early night time so the player can sleep at the bed. Please sleep often to prevent such malfuctioned & unwanted spawn points.

"That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die."
~H.P. Lovecraft (Call of Cthulhu)

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