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Bygone Dreams: Episode One
Download / Скачать (13.1 Kb) 15.07.2014, 05:47

Bygone Dreams is a custom map based on the concepts of astral projection and lucid dreaming. The map is also inspired to the ending credits of this game, which the main theme is mostly about dreaming. Having some RPG elements, the player woke in a dark room and saw a ladder which then leads to a dreamland. The map ends when the dreamer(player) reached a giant dimensional rift, which makes his dream, and its monsters, merge with the real world.

Bygone Dreams has unique Rescraft features; most of parkour regions and other puzzles are driven by the Portal-system, which uses both the main world and the nether as a single alternating world. The portal-system is mostly used, as theres even a level called "The Sea of Doors" where if the player misses a block while in parkour and fell, he will drop to the portal-based sea. The player will not die, but if he stood long enough, he will then be teleported to the corresponding spot in a sea of lava.

The player is also required to do tasks and use particular items; the player is required to plant wheat as many times as he can and store food to prepare for his journey; another option is to fish as many as he can and store exp for the repair of swords and pickaxes, although theres no possibility of cooking the fish; he is also required to use blocks such as cactus, obsidian, glowstones, and diamond blocks at certain regions. As for obsidian, the challege is of its restrictions as it can only be obtained by a diamond pickaxe. The cactus is understood to harm the player. Glowstones reduced their amount everytime their used again. And diamond blocks are only available at the last parts, especially while crossing the sea of lava.

PS: I made it for a week, and with some sleepless nights, so please play normal and enjoy the game's customed mechanics. Currently, this map is at its first episode, so expect for further sequels. Just play safe and have fun, and never attempt to benefit in creative mode. Dont ruin the surprises the game sets for you.. wink

"That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons even death may die." ~H.P. Lovecraft (The Nameless City)

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