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Bygone Dreams: Episode Four
Download / Скачать (30.9 Kb) 28.07.2014, 05:15

As the fourth episode of Bygone Dreams, this episode stands as the falling action of the main plot. The episode begins when the protagonist woke up in a structure called "Simulator" and further enters the tower called "Shifter". Upon entering, the "door" leads him to the otherworldly realm called the "Dreamspace" where hundreds of visionary human-like beings are living with harmony to each other. The world is vast and complex, but after near-death struggles, he finally arrives at last phase of the realm, where a portal is open and leads to the lost utopian dream-city of Morpheus.

Episode Four is so far the most complex & terrainous among the previous three episodes. Its unique in the way that the choice of weilding a diamond sword or a bow, which is common to the three episodes, is removed but replaced by twelve full chests divided to four categories; food, accessories, armours, & weapons. Regarding the "Dreamspace", it is divided to five phases; phase one is a forest of giant oak trees; phase two is a forest of spruce trees; phase three is a forest of fir trees; phase four is a forest of nether ract trees; and phase five is just a town. The episode also features; the most numerous chest-system, up to 80 item-chests; gigantic manually built trees with a unique & amazingly enormous tree at phase three; an inhabited pirate ship under the giant tree; an inhabited underground sand-city with a plantation; trees at phase four is made out of nether rack; an inhabited end-town with system-generated-like house but some built in spruce & fir wood; and the final empty city of Morpheus built in pure bedrock & its located in the nether.

The five-map Dreamspace is set in a chain-fence-like dreamland where each of the five phases contains its own unique environments. Diamonds & gold are hard to find, unlike the previous episode, as the one of the episode's themes is survival. But it doesn't mean that diamonds are removed, their just placed to remote areas like in cliffs, sky-islands & underwater. Because this episode is partly about surviving & RPG, villagers are added to stand as NPCs so hard to get items like diamond pickaxes can be traded. Most of the episode's process is optional, so just play, enjoy & survive.

PS: This episode is so far the most time & energy consuming part to my works in the Bygone Dreams series. I had to play Rescraft all night for a couple of nights just to finish it, because ideas are popping in my head. I hope you like my fourth work. You can also use this to play survival mode, if you like. Please rate or comment at this episode, and also to the previous ones, so I can know if I'm doing good to this project. Thanks for all! Stay tuned to the last episode!

"That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die."
~H.P. Lovecraft (The Thing in the Doorstep)

*please play the previous episodes;
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